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RCSurfRider is owned and operated by experienced surfers and high-tech radio control hobbyists.
We're committed to spread the interest and full capabilities of any radio controlled wave rider.

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New Brushless Pro-Mod Surfers Now Available!
Posted Wednesday 1:12 AM PDT, October 3, 2012
by surf@rcsurfrider.com
We're offering the top of line RC SurfRiders with the latest mods. Click here to see more details.

Tune-ups, Re-builds and More!
Posted Monday 1:59 PM PDT, April 5, 2010
by surf@rcsurfrider.com
Along with offering top of the line radio controlled surfers, upgrades and accessories, RC SurfRider can also tune-up or re-build your Surfer with the latest mods. Also check out the photo and information on RC SurfRider cooling fins . Cooling fins are available and can be found in our online store.
RC SurfRider has competitive prices on many rc accessories, including batteries, chargers, and high-end performance parts. We can also find you low prices on many other rc products not featured in our store - contact us and let us know what you're interested in.

Inside the Customized, Pro-Modified RCSurfRider
Posted Thursday 8:30 PM PDT, May 8, 2003
by surf@rcsurfrider.com
A new video in the shaping room that explains and shows the beauty and power of the customized, pro-modified rcsurfrider!

Additional Tips...
Posted Saturday 7:35 PM PDT, September 21, 2002
by surf@rcsurfrider.com
RCSurfRider added a few more maintenance tips to the RCSurfRider tips and maintenance page, read up on this page to keep your RCSurfRider in tip top shape!

The 1st recorded in and out barrel of the RCSurfer
Posted Thursday 1:35 AM PST, January 31, 2002
by yvonne@rcsurfrider.com
Check out our newest video clip filmed by our RC Surfer buddies down at Imperial Beach in San Diego, CA. RC Pilots, Brian Miller and Mike Gelard charge the big surf for the mighty mini surfer, catching one of the greatest in and out barrels by an RC Surfer ever caught on film! Also featuring music by the natural afrodisiac. Enjoy...

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