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RCSurfRider is owned and operated by experienced surfers and high-tech radio control hobbyists.
We're committed to spread the interest and full capabilities of any radio controlled wave rider.

  • About RCSurfrider.com
    It all started back in January of 2000, I injured myself dirt bike riding at Glamis, breaking my femur and cracking my pelvic bone. I remember lying in the desert sand in shock with my leg bent to the side. My first thought was " DAMN" no more surfing for me, why me!!

    After 3 months of down-time I thought I was about to lose it - Surfing has always been my true passion and to know I wouldn't be able to get in the water for a while was killing me! Stoked s
    ince age 11, I surfed small cold junky days to big good days and needed something to do in my down-time. I was very eager to find something new to build and ride. Then there it was, the original radio controlled surfer! I found myself rubbing my eyes, as if I were in a dream. Thinking back about what it's like when it's flat, too small to surf and saying, "Look at that perfect bowl section for GI JOE". I bought the kit and started in. The original kit needed special attention to build to last.

    Fortunately, thanks to my father, I was born mechanically inclined and grew-up always building model rockets, planes, cars and boats, as well as real cars, boats, helicopters, and airplanes. Surfing experience combined with intense, rcsurf research & development full time by real surfers -
    RCSurfRider is committed to spread the interest and the full capabilities of extreme RCsurfing.

    Sea ya at the water!